About SGH Campus

Within the SGH Campus, there is the nation's flagship hospital - Singapore General Hospital, the 5 institutions and SingHealth Polyclinic (Outram).


The SGH Campus of the future will be Singapore’s largest medical campus when completed. It will provide patients with healthcare that is easily accessible, integrated and seamlessly connected to cutting-edge research and education, translating to better health outcomes for patients.

Centres of Excellence

With a host of dedicated specialist facilities, SGH Campus will ensure that the whole spectrum of care is available to our patients.

The Future of Healthcare

A Seamless Continuum of CARE

Leveraging on the synergy from the co-location of the three pillars of healthcare – Clinical Care, Research and Education – in one campus, we are able to deliver greater Accessibility to new models of care for Singaporeans. In doing so, as always, we put our patients at the heart of all we do.

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